Ways of boring people

Do you have to present on a boring topic? The first thing you need to know is that your topic is fine! Whether they are presenting about Marketing, Economics, Biotechnology, Big Data, Quality Assurance, Deep Learning Algorithms, or Sales, they always point outside to other fields and departments and say that others have more interesting topics. If I buy into their premises, then there will be no interesting topics on this whole earth.

Ways of boring people

Maybe your in-laws enjoy nothing more than relating every detail of their travel "adventures. You feel that you should respond sympathetically, but fear that doing so will lead to even more medical ramblings that you will then have to sympathize with further. What makes one person boring to you may, of course, make that same person fascinating to someone else.

Ways of boring people

We all tick to different interpersonal clocks. Is it that something he or she is saying makes you uncomfortable? Examining your reactions is a good first step, and may lead you to solve the problem. But if the person is a bona fide bore, known by all to be a good person to avoid, your predicament requires a different approach.

There are boring teachers, boring chairs of community or work committees, and boring speakers at work, religious services, or family events such as the toaster who goes on way too long.

One of the great consternations facing teachers of laptop- or cellphone-equipped students is the inevitable problem of competing with the social media and online games that their students can so readily access. Therefore, the onus is on the teacher to be as engaging as possible.

However, when there are no electronic toys easily accessible, or the norms strongly dictate that you not stray from the task at hand, you must resort to old-fashioned mental tricks to either distract yourself or to find a way to focus your attention, as hard as that might be.

In this case, to provide participants with an incentive to do nothing but stare at the screen for as long as possible, the researchers offered a bigger reward for waiting the entire time. They were surprised to find so many people sticking with the task almost half in some cases despite its mind-numbing qualities.

Those most likely to persist tended to feel, despite the impersonal nature of the online experiment, obligated to do so because they said they would.

These were the people high on persistence motivation. It seems that some people have figured out the key to staying motivated even in the most boring of circumstances.

Here are 4 suggestions: Find something redeeming about the person. Get out your mental escape plan. Turn on your persistence switch.

The MTurk study showed that some people are able to stick with a boring task by feeling committed to following up on their promise to do so. If they could stare at a blank screen for 25 minutes, surely you can manage when there is something actually happening in front of you that could potentially be of interest.

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Look for openings to share your own viewpoints or observations. Some people drone on endlessly because they are just not that good at stopping on their own.People love stories, but that doesn’t mean you should tell any.

Here’s why: telling a boring story is worse than not telling any stories at all, and unless you’re trained in storytelling, yours are pretty much guaranteed to be boring.. If you doubt me, go to a bar and tell a story to someone in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear.

Jun 12,  · Use data to tell people a story -- before you start showing them numbers. The most important thing a presenter can remember, says Asher, is that your job is to tell people a . Most reasons the most talented and productive people flee a given workplace can be avoided.

Here are common mistakes, along with better alternatives. 4 Ways to Deal With Selfish People in Your Life They know what they want.

Ways of boring people

Do you? Posted Mar 29, You may think you're a riot to be around, but lo and behold, you're not. Here are 8 ways to avoid being someone people don't want to hang out with.

Thanks for the article Mike. I know that we are indeed the sum of our experiences, and I’ve noticed that I perform better when I’m with people who are more expert than myself in any particular field.

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