University of texas dissertation proposal

EPP students should submit copies of their polished proposals at least six weeks prior to the proposal meeting—giving four weeks lead-time for the Dissertation Committee and two weeks lead time for submission to the GSC.

University of texas dissertation proposal

Successful completion of at least 18 AET upper division credits. All students registered for Senior Thesis will meet together with all their supervisors at the beginning of each term to present the projects and discuss possible solutions and opportunities.

This course carries the Independent Inquiry Flag. You should therefore expect a substantial portion of your grade to come from the independent investigation and presentation of your own work. Details of the Showcase will be made available by the end of the first term.

What is a Senior Thesis? As you complete your AET degree you have probably developed a specific career interest.

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You may want to create a VST audio plugin or some elaborate code-based generative art. You may want to construct interactive micro-electronics DIY devices.

The Senior Thesis is your opportunity to produce one or two medium-scale projects or even one full-scale project spanning two semesters. These can really be anything that you choose within reason. The resulting presentation is a unique piece of work that shows who you are and what you are capable of.

How do I make this happen? The first thing you must do is craft an abstract describing the project, methodologies and outcomes. Make sure to include a timeline for your project!

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For example, fall semester could be for developing materials, designing, etc. You will be graded on BOTH semesters. You will have to shop this around to find a supervisor. Although all AET lecturers are eligible to supervise a Senior Thesis, they can decline for any number of reasons. You may not get your preferred supervisor.

You may wish to develop a project in collaboration with other students maximum of three but that will require a much longer proposal clearly showing the roles and contributions of each collaborator.

University of texas dissertation proposal

Next you must get a signed letter from the supervisor and deliver this letter to Bruce Pennycook, Chair of AET, for final approval. Upon completion and after the Thesis Showcase the researcher s must submit a detailed documentation of the entire process with critical analysis of the outcomes.

Were all objectives realized? What problems or hurdles exist? What modifications to the project are required to reach completion? During the Thesis Showcase unless otherwise agreed by the supervisor s. Critical evaluation of the work and the outcomes.In addition, the style guidelines are typically those of the APA format, those made available by the University, or any other legitimate style appropriate to the study and accepted by the dissertation committee.

The committee for the Ph.D. dissertation must be comprised of four individuals. The student's Dissertation Committee must approve the final written dissertation proposal. Such approval will be indicated by submitting to the GSC a copy of a proposal, including an abstract and a tentative timeline for completion that has been approved by every member of the Dissertation Committee.

Have placed a printed copy of the proposal or dissertation in the tray in the workroom (labeled "Proposals and Dissertations"). Have placed an electronic copy on UT Box and have a working link for people to download the PDF. In addition to meeting the area requirements, the student must prepare a written dissertation proposal.

Oral presentation of the proposal and an oral examination are required. A dissertation is required of every candidate, followed by a final oral examination covering the dissertation and the general field of the dissertation.

in dissertation research. In addition, students must gain teaching experience by performing at least one semester as a teaching assistant (TA) in an undergraduate or graduate course.

Online Proposal System After you have reviewed your field proposal with your Polymathic Scholars NSC instructor but before you meet with faculty in the semester-ending colloquy, you must submit your finished document online.

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