Unit 6 the young pioneers club lesson write a review

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Unit 6 the young pioneers club lesson write a review

This is a game that a graduate student and I developed several years ago with the goal of having students review the parts of the periodic table.

For each group I provide the following: Periodic Table with the states of matter at standard temperature. There are several available online that can be printed out for students to use such as this one from the Philosophy of Science Portal.

Periodic Table Poker Rules Paper. I make this colored for students so it is easy for them to refer to and make sure that they return to me to use for the next class.

Periodic Table Score Card. I have this set up for easy tallying of points for each round.

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Set of Element Cards These are on the last 3 pages of the spreadsheet. I have these as a blue color, but if you do not have a color printer than you can just color the outside with marker or print on a blue paper. Set of Attribute Cards These are on the first 6 pages of the spreadsheet.

These are various colors, but if you do not have a color printer than you can print out and color the outside with marker.

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I instruct students to, "Have one student read the rules out loud to the rest of the group, have another student set up the scorecard, and a third student begin to set up the two card piles.

This video shows how the game works in terms of the set up and rules. As students complete the game I have them raise their hands and I collect the scorecard. I usually have a treat to give to the winner of each game.

I then give them the Unit 2 Exam Review to begin working on.• Lesson 3: Comparing Ineffective and Effective Writing Samples Unit 2: Introductory Paragraphs: Leads and Thesis Statements • Lesson 5: Writing a Introductory Paragraph with a Lead and Thesis Statement Unit 3: Writing Main Idea Sentences • Lesson 1: Generating Three Distinct Main Ideas on a Topic Unit 6: Short-Term Writing Projects.

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unit 6 the young pioneers club lesson write a review

There will be an option at the top to download. Pioneers of the Worldwide Church of God. Uploaded by. Craig White. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Pioneers of the Worldwide Church of God. Download. Pioneers of the Worldwide Church of God.

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Uploaded by. Unit 6: The young pioneers club. Lesson 5: Write I/ Vocabulary: II/ Read the notice at P 1. Answer the questions 2. Read the notice again and complete the letter: III/ Read the dialogue between Hoa and her aunt.

IV/ Write Hoa’s letter to her parents telling what she is going to do.

unit 6 the young pioneers club lesson write a review
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