Temple university dissertations 2000

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Temple university dissertations 2000

Next Stops Graduate Temple University Political Science graduate degree students can take coursework in the four major subfields of political science. Graduate students can earn a political science masters degree or PhD or a public policy masters. Learn about our admissions processavailable grants and additional resources to get started.

In Comparative Politics, faculty teach students about democratization, the role of the state in the economy, and political violence.

In International Relations, faculty and students apply the various theoretical approaches to the study of world politics, international security, international political economy, and the study of international organizations.

In Political Theory, our strengths cluster around the research areas of late modernity; democratic and normative political theories - especially those pertaining to political questions of social and economic inequality - globalization, identity politics, and social movements; and the relationship between politics and religion.

Temple university dissertations 2000

MA in Political Science The terminal MA program gives you a broad education in the general field of political science. MA students also have the option to develop technical skills by completing the methods sequence.

MA students typically apply their degree toward careers in the private or public sector. We train our students to become successful scholars and teachers.

PhD students complete the MA program requirements, take additional courses that help them specialize in particular fields of study and complete a methods sequence. Many of our PhDs pursue a career in academia, but some of our graduates also successfully apply their political science training to non-academic careers.

In fact, our most recent PhD graduates and candidates are leveraging the skills and knowledge they learned at Temple in pursuing exciting careers right now.

You can read about their individual dissertations and qualifications and view their personal websites right here.

Temple university dissertations 2000

Learn More About the Ph. Develop the analytic skills needed to formulate and assess public policies and evaluate the effectiveness of government programs at the federal, state and local levels. We train generalists who combine technical competency with a sophisticated understanding of the policy process.

Learn More About the Master of Public Policy Admissions Process Admissions decisions are made in the spring semester and admitted students are expected to begin in the following fall term.

Application Deadline is December 1st. Please visit the Political Science Graduate Bulletin to learn more about graduate program requirements, dates and deadlines and instructions on how to apply.

Lynn Miller Writing Grants: Evolution Consulting Dissertation Grant: The stipend includes tuition remission and health benefits. Our graduate students conduct research, teach courses and work closely with various faculty members and students throughout the department.As a final requirement for program completion, all Executive DBA students develop a dissertation proposal to investigate an important business problem that is of strategic importance to their own organization, industry or market.

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