Summer school online high school

With pre-authorization, it is possible that Time4Learning — with proper supervision — could be approved by school authorities as a viable substitute for summer school. Time4Learning can also be used for summer study as an interactive skill-sharpening tool or even to try out a new homeschool program for next year.

Summer school online high school

Summer school online high school

Tweet Whether you are looking for an alternative to local public schools or an education that allows for more independent study and flexible scheduling, Louisiana online high schools could meet your needs.

Department of Education reports that Louisiana ranked 46th in terms of high school graduation inwhile the freshman graduation rate statewide was 67 percent, compared to the national average of 76 percent.

Browse online high schools in Louisiana Great news for students: You're no longer limited to your local school district.

Public and private schools beckon to students who are self-motivated, independent and eager to work through online high school coursework at their own schedule. Louisiana Virtual School, or LVS, offers selected classes for students who attend approved public or nonpublic schools.

The LVS program is designed to supplement traditional education. Course fees are typically funded by the student's district, school or Local Educational Authority. Year-long courses span the regular week school year, while block courses run through a semester.

Core courses and electives include subjects ranging from Advanced Placement to credit recovery. You could study Latin or macroeconomics, or take a dual-credit class providing college credit in topics like psychology or engineering. Private high schools are another option. Online private schools may not be located within the state, and are often monitored by different agencies than those that approve public high schools.

Coursework may differ from school to school, and potential students should research their options fully before choosing an institution.

Louisiana State Test Results.Summer School courses are also open to students who need to complete their high school diploma for post-secondary pursuits. Summer High School credit courses are offered in . Gwinnett Online Campus is an accredited, award-winning Gwinnett County Public School that offers choices for students from the 4th grade to high school.

More than just an online school, our students have the opportunity to enroll full-time or take up to five online classes as part of their regular school day through our supplemental program.

Summer school online high school

The Keystone School offers flexible education programs for high school, middle school and elementary students that help each student achieve their unique dreams and goals. The Tippecanoe School Corporation will be offering summer school opportunities during the summer months of TSC is excited to offer online versions of US Government, Health, U.S.

History, Geography and History of the World and Economics. SCHS 2nd Round Playoff Game Noon, Nov.

24 at NRG Ticket sales at SCHS ticket booth by the football field - 9 to 11 a.m. Mon. - Wed., and at the Admin Office ( Birchridge Dr. . This course will provide an advanced introduction to key concepts, issues, and service delivery approaches pertaining to the educational needs of students with high incidence disabilities.

ENEC Environmental Values and Valuation (3).

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