Subcontractor business plan

Subcontracting with DOT Overview Subcontracting allows small and disadvantaged businesses to substantially impact the federal procurement preference programs. More information on the government's subcontracting program can be found under the Federal Acquisition Regulations Subpart

Subcontractor business plan

A template to take the confusion and frustration out of small business plan preparation. Benefits Meets Small Business Administration requirements and reduces the probability of requests for plan refinement or a rejected plan.

Provides an action plan for your company's appointed "Plan Administrator," so they would clearly understand their role and expectations in the plan itself. Results in a professionally formatted Word document ready for submission to the government Saves days of professional labor in plan preparation, refinement and reporting.

Features A PowerPoint document to give you an overview of why it is important to have a subcontracting plan, who to assign to manage the plan, how to stay out of trouble and how to utilize the "templates" and data provided. An Excel spreadsheet for calculating dollar and percent goals for a five year subcontracting plan.

Fill in contact dollar amount in one cell and have the spreadsheet distribute the dollars by small business type based on the federal goals. If you need to change the calculations and goals, instructions are provided.

Terms and Conditions

A model set of methods used to develop your subcontracting "action plan". Select the methods appropriate to your company's location, focus and goals.

subcontractor business plan

Utilize the provided key web links to customize your plan. A model set of methods and key web links used to find and assess the capabilities of small businesses.

Select the methods appropriate to your company and your company's subcontractors. Step-By-Step Guidelines and detailed instructions for completing the small business plan template.

Take the confusion and frustration out of small business plan preparation. It takes the confusion and frustration out of the process of preparing a small business subcontracting plan. Subcontracting Plan Wizard sections include:Federal securities laws requires clear disclosure about compensation paid to CEOs, CFOs and certain other high-ranking executive officers of public companies.

A Sample Subcontractor Management Plan INTRODUCTION Identification This is the Subcontractor Management Plan, document number XYZ, for the SYSTEM Z. You must write a subcontract agreement that will be used to manage the business relationship between you and the subcontractor you choose to work with.

You can use the template below to plan . Commercial Plan-means a subcontracting plan (including goals) that covers the offeror's fiscal year and that applies to the entire productions of commercial items sold by either the entire company or portion thereof (e.g., division, planet, or product line).

subcontractor business plan

SAMPLE SUBCONTRACTING PLAN SUBCONTRACTING PLAN MODEL, FAR and FAR Prime Contractor: 2. GOALS - Please state separate dollar and percentage goals for Small Business; Small Disadvantaged Business, Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) Small Business, Require that each subcontractor with a subcontracting plan.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) SUBCONTRACTOR CONTACT FORM List all (Both DBE and Non DBE) subcontractors or suppliers that were contacted regarding this project.

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