Senstive periods and abosrbent mind

The absorbent mind is the image she created to describe, ". Montessori said that the child learns by unconsciously taking in everything around him and actually constructs himself.

Senstive periods and abosrbent mind

What is a Sensitive Period?

However, the Absorbent Mind is limitless. She determined that the role of the educator is to strew around in the environment of the child useful items appropriate to each stage of his development.

The Absorbent Mind Dr. Montessori came to realise that the child absorbs his whole environment, without effort and unconsciously. As he absorbs his environment into himself, he adapts it to himself. The mind of the child remains in this absorbent state from birth until years. The whole of the child is being formed unselectively.

By just living, and without any conscious effort, he absorbs every little detail from within his environment.

The child is absorbing everything in the Montessori nursery and, by doing so, he is forming his whole self. This period of the Absorbent Mind can be split into two sub-stages. The first sub-stage runs from years. Everything the child hears and sees is absorbed into his unconscious mind, where it remains hidden until the light of the next stage of development.

The second sub-stage, from 30 months to 6 years, is when the child moves to develop consciously, doing things purposefully and with awareness.

The Absorbent Mind

They are able to do this with the help of the partial instincts of their sensitive periods. As soon as one Sensitive Period is fulfilled another Sensitive Period comes to light.

The Sensitive Periods overlap. It is in these inner Sensitive Periods that a child has a wonderful window of opportunity in which to learn.

These Sensitive Periods will only have a finite duration; a child who misses this window of opportunity will not be able to reclaim them.

The Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive Periods are collectively known as the Creative Sensibilities, which are constantly Driving a child forward.

The Sensitive Periods are like a shining light, they Dr. Montessori realised that the child is forming his whole self, both mentally, spiritually and physically, through his Absorbent Mind, and using things within his environment to do so.

During her observations, she realised the great importance of a well-prepared environment through which a child can then construct himself. The Sensitive Period for Language The sensitive period for language begins from birth.

Senstive periods and abosrbent mind

Through the studies of Itard and the Wild Boy of Aveynon, we learn that there is a certain period of time in which to learn language. There is a sensitive period for language from birth to 6 years old.

If the concept of language has not been grasped during this window of opportunity the child will never be able to learn language and hence be able to speak.

We have missed the bus — the last and only bus for that particular destination. As each sensitive period becomes manifest, it is essential that the window of opportunity for learning is not missed.

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From birth, through his environment, the child is constantly absorbing the sounds around him. The environment into which a child is born will determine his mother tongue.

These at first will be confusing and disordered. He listens and is fills his mind with sounds. His muscles in the mouth and tongue begin to move. As the child tries to make sense of these sounds, his muscles become ordered and he produces a range of sounds:Sensitive Period and Absorbent Mind Essay This is the period of transformation and the characteristic of this period is known as the “Absorbent Mind” in which the child’s mind is like a sponge, absorbing all that is in the environment.

The first plane of development is further divided into sub-phases: first sub-plane is from birth to. The Absorbent Mind and Sensitive Periods Dr Maria Montessori dedicated her life to the research of the child, child’s behavior, child’s education, its mental and physical development and of many other aspects of child’s life in great depth.

The Absorbent Mind and the the Sensitive Period influence greatly on children 's development of movement. "Development is a series of re-births. There comes a time when one psychic personality ends, and another begins" (The Absorbent Mind, The influence of the Absorbent Mind, and the Sensitive Periods on the child's development of movement, language and social skills.

Words | 6 Pages. essay I will define the Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive period and illustrate the influence of these periods on the child 's development of movement, language and social skills.

Sensitive periods make all the difference in learning! A sensitive period is a time of a spontaneous, often intense or irresistible, impulse toward or interest in certain objects and activities. During a sensitive period the ability to acquire new skills (in .

The Absorbent Mind and the Sensitive Periods

The sensitive periods is the pattern the phenomenon of the absorbent mind follows. The joy in which the child has in these sensitive periods is his internal motivation to learn and development. A sensitive period is a block of time in the child’s life when they are absorbed with one characteristic of their environment to the exclusion of all.

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