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While socialization was once assumed to be a process primarily associated with childhood, there is reasonable consensus that it is a continuous, lifelong process that prepares people for the transitions they will make between one phase or stage of life and another. At times people may experience resocialization. This occurs when, first, people are required to learn new norms and values associated with an unfamiliar social environment such as when entering prison or, second, they are required to re-learn norms and values associated with their culture or context of origin.

Resocialization essay help

This is a free example essay on Socialization: According to one side of the debate, individuals and social behavior are a product of heredity or nature.

The others say that individual and social behavior are a product of experience and learning or nurture. Darwin pushed the nature viewpoint in his theory of evolution. Evolutionary theorist used his theory to explain cross cultural differences and social inequalities.

According to this, the dominant positions the Europeans occupied in the world was a result of natural selection — Asian, African and other people were regarded as biologically inferior.

The concept of survival of the fittest was used to justify genocide. Pavlov experimented to show that dogs could be taught to salivate even at the sound of a bell, Skinner showed that pigeons could be taught ping-pong.

These social scientists argued that human mind is equally malleable. It was believed that human mind is tabula rasa, upon which experience writes.

In other words, for behaviorists, socialization is everything. According to sociobiology, biological principles may be used to explain social activities of social animals including humans. According to sociobiology, human sexual behavior and courtship are based on inborn traits.

However, these issues have remained highly controversial and have been much debated about.

resocialization essay help

Usually animals placed low on the evolutionary scale grow with little or no help from adults. A human infant is most dependent of all.

A child can not survive unaided for at least the first four to five years. Socialization is the process whereby people learn the attitudes, actions and values appropriate to individuals as members of a particular culture. People learn to behave according to the norms of their culture.

For example in the U. Socialization occurs through human interaction, — family members, teachers, best friends and also the media and the Internet. Socialization helps us acquire a sense of personal identity and learn what people in the surrounding culture believe and how they expect one to behave.

Socialization connects different generations to one another Turnbull Birth of a child alters the lives of those who bring up the child. Thus learning and adjustment go on throughout the life cycle. The process of socialization Freud viewed socialization as a confrontation between the child and society.

According to him there is constant struggle between the child driven by powerful, inborn sexual and aggressive urges and elders who try to impose on the child appropriate behavior. Other sociologists like Cooley and Herbert Mead view it as collaboration between the child and society.

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Some have rejected the idea that infants have erotic wishes and that what happens during infancy and childhood has its impact throughout life and the feminists have criticized him for directing his theories too much toward male experience.

This is the notion that interactions between humans take place though symbols and interpretations of meanings. According to Mead, young children develop as social beings by imitating the action of those around them.

In their play, small children often imitate the adults. At this stage they acquire a sense of self. Agents of Socialization In all cultures, the family is the main source of socialization.

Essay on Socialization

Later in life, other agencies come into play. In modern societies, children spend most of their early years within a domestic unit consisting of mother, father and maybe siblings.

In many cultures, uncles, aunts and grandparents do the caretaking of infants. Another agency of socialization is peer group. This is a friendship group of children of a similar age peer means equal. Peer relations are founded upon mutual consent and the relations are reasonable egalitarian.

Schools are another agency of socialization. Alongside the formal curriculum there is also hidden curriculum. Mass media — newspapers, magazines, radio and TV have become important to our lives and hence important socializing agencies.

Television violence leads to violence in some children but educational programs also teach children prosocial behaviors like sharing and getting along with others — Sesame Street, The Cosby show etc.Resocialization Resocialization—is the process of learning a new and different set of Attitudes, Values, and Behaviors from those in one’s previous background and experience.

Types of resocialization 1. Resocialization is defined by our tex, (Contemporary society, Tenth Edition) as a process in which the individual's existing self-concept and identity are erased in favor of /5(2). Resocialization The primary socialization received in childhood is just one part of the lifelong socialization process.

Adults go through a process of resocialization, which is the learning of new norms and values that occurs when they join a new group or when life circumstances change dramatically.

Resocialization essay. November 18, Reflective essay on dyslexia treatment progressivism dbq essay whole disk encryption comparison essay.

resocialization essay help

Zeena frome essay help darwinism vs creationism essay writing, ap bio essay century of the self documentary review essays. Resocialization is the process of acquiring a new set of norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors.

Schaefer defines resocialization as “the process of discarding former behavior patterns and accepting new ones as part of a transition in one’s life.”. Essay on Socialization! But the help of reinforcement certain responses of the child are rewarded and certain other responses are not rewarded.

Sometimes, the child is punished for not following the dos of the society. application of desocialization and resocialization processes are found essential.

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