Oracle database backup and recovery

General Backup and Recovery questions Why and when should I backup my database? Hardware and software can always be replaced, but your data may be irreplaceable! Normally one would schedule a hierarchy of daily, weekly and monthly backups, however consult with your users before deciding on a backup schedule. Backup frequency normally depends on the following factors:

Oracle database backup and recovery

A 10 Control file is very important file for the database operation. Loosing a single control file will make the database unstable and will lead to interruption in service. So we will always try to put control file in a safe and stable place. Similarly online logs are equally important and loosing them can also cause database to crash, incomplete recovery and possible data loss.

Usually the flash recovery area and the main database disks are located in such a way that the probability of both going down at the same time is very slim. It will surely help you in quick and complete recovery.

Oracle database backup and recovery

If your flash recovery area is NOT as reliable as the main database storage, the chance of failure in the flash recovery area is greater compared to the main database disks. If the flash recovery area fails, then you lose one of the control files and the online redo log. You will be able to start database easily by removing that control file from the control file parameter in the initialization parameter file copying online log from the secondary Non-FRA location and restarting it but you will have an interruption of production service, which is very undesirable.

Scenario B Besides FRA, we have multiplexed Control files to only one other separate location, so risk of loosing control file and and fear of not able to do complete recovery is more. Complete recovery of database is of primary importance to you than the database interruption.

Here we can go and put the control file in FRA. Q 11 How can you make sure that only one of the redo log member is created in FRA?This Oracle RMAN training was designed by Robert Freeman, an acknowledged leader in Oracle database administration and author of more than 6 bestselling Oracle administration books.

Database Backup, Recovery and Restore are definitely the most important tasks for the system DBA, and backups are key to providing a secure and reliable database environment.

Oracle Concepts - Recovery of your Oracle Database with RMAN

Flat 10% & upto 50% off + 10% Cashback + Free additional Courses. The above script will connect to the "target" (database that will be cloned), the recovery catalog (to get backup info), and the auxiliary database (new duplicate DB).

Previous backups will be restored and the database recovered to . Oracle Database Architecture. An Oracle database is a collection of data treated as a unit. The purpose of a database is to store and retrieve related information.

A database server is the key to solving the problems of information management. Robert G. Freeman is an experienced author, Oracle Certified Professional, and Oracle ACE. He currently works for Oracle Corporation as a master principle database expert.

Matthew Hart is the coauthor of six books for Oracle Press, most recently Oracle 10g High Availability with RAC, Flashback, and DataGuard; and Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Handbook.

Oracle database backup and recovery

Oracle Backup and Recovery Solutions: RMAN and User-Managed Backup Backup and Recovery: Basic Concepts Physical Database Structures Used .

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