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A comparison of the criminal offences committed in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands Literature review Criminality is a huge problem in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands. Both governments are trying to reduce the high numbers of the different crimes. I have tried to find the numbers and statistics about criminal offences under the influence of drugs like alcohol but it is hard to find a correct and trustable source for the numbers of the Netherlands. I have searched on the websites Rijksoverheid.

Law and criminality essay help

It all started from bombing in Plaza Miranda. It caused nine deaths and injured 95 others. As a crowd of about 4, gathered to hear speeches. Two hand grenades were reportedly tossed on stage. The election was cancelled because of the bombing in plaza Miranda. The Martial Law By definition, Martial Law is the temporary superimposition of military government over civil government.

law and criminality essay help

During such times, the military and its accompanying superiors take over the executive, legislative and judicial functions normally delegated to the civil government by virtue of its constitution.

As a consequence, the writhabeas corpus, or the right of an individual in custody to be brought to court to determine whether such incarceration or imprisonment is lawful, may be suspended indefinitely.

This suspension of individual rights denies the person due process of law. When we speak of Martial Law, the first thing that comes to our mind is the former President who installed it, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.

In truth, we blame this person for the failure that was martial law. Still, there are some who stand steadfast in defending martial law as the best thing that ever happened to the country. In other words, Martial Law is the ultimate solution to curves growing problems in criminality.

Nor was it declared to do good for the country. Money and power is the only thing that can be heard. Nobody can be respected! Marcos used several events to justify Martial Law. I also disagree that Martial Law was ultimate solution to curve growing problems on criminality.

There is criminality due to poverty. And it just seems that crimes could be minimized if not eradicated or being eliminated during Martial Law because there is no press freedom, no due process, and etc.

The only problem of having Martial Law was the people in authority are the ones abuse their power to implement the rules of law. Some people say that Martial Law was imposed for the good of the Marcoses and their cronies, just to keep them in wealth.

Cronies started to get richer and richer. What the cronies want, the cronies get. Imagine what more the case of what Imelda wants, Imelda gets. Martial Law that time was like this, anybody could be picked up at anytime for any reason by the military or the police.

People that time was afraid to speak out. There are lots of people who suffered human rights violations that saw thousands of life damaged, destroyed, or lost. Some of them were the victims of salvaging. Filipinos who just disappeared from the face of the earth.

Coming up with the idea of every Filipinos who will join the military in order for them to have a safety net incase there well be war among them. For me, the advantages of Martial Law during Marcos time is the people were disciplined when he declared Martial, less car accidents at night because of the curfew, there was law and order during the martial law, Disadvantages, is the death of democracy.

The declaration had made people be mute for a moment. Suspended the civil rights and imposed military authority in the country. There is no freedom of the press. The rights of the people to speak and share their opinion in that current situation was totally denied and deprived.

Stronger military power, which cause harm to the civilians. Tens of thousands were arrested and imprisoned without court charges, thousands were tortured and hundreds summarily executed.

What with everybody scared that complaining to the courts would not do anything to help. People were dying and justice is nowhere to be found.

Disregarded all rights of the people. Life itself has no value during the Martial Law, people started to be missing, missing people turning up dead. Institutions and businesses that are owned by oppositions are confiscated, no matter how many generations of the same families have owned them.

But the spirit of justice had been awakened in the Filipino people once more. Like their forefathers or ancestors before them who rallied against the tyranny of the Spanish rulers, the people united in a common cause.Law Essay Writing Help Service.

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Law and Criminality Law is an imperfect profession in which success can rarely be achieved without some sacrifice of principle.

Thus all practicing lawyers -- and most others in the profession -- will necessarily be imperfect, especially in the eyes of young idealists. Law and Criminality Law is an imperfect profession in which success can rarely be achieved without some sacrifice of principle. Thus all practicing lawyers -- and most others in the profession -- will necessarily be imperfect, especially in the eyes of young idealists.

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