Hair extensions market

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Hair extensions market

Request a Free Sample The market for hair extension industry is expected to grow due to rising concerns about self-image and being socially accepted. Bald headed people are nowadays spending a great amount of money on hospitals for hair transplantation and an alternate solution is hair extension.

For women hair is a vital part of their self-image. Women find themselves spending hours of their time trying to hide hair loss issues.

Hair Extension Marketing: 50 Tips to Increase Your Hair Sales

In this regard human hair industry offers solutions through extensions and wigs. The global market is increasing at high rates and hair has been donated and the demand for hair extension is prompting suppliers to source more human hair than before.

Since there is no standards in monitoring the procurement hair can be taken against people's will Celebrity culture is propelling the market for hair extension. They are increasing the Hair extensions market of using real hair to supplement their own. Celebrity culture has made extensions more popular and there is increased demand for the same.

Extensions have become so good that it becomes difficult to differentiate them from real hair which is also propelling the demand for the hair extension industry. It is easily accessible to everybody and there is some hair extension suitable for everyone.

New techniques such as strand application have made extensions last longer and look better. With this application a protein which is naturally found in hair is fused to the existing hair.

Hair extensions market

The extension hence looks and feels like natural hair and stays in place for months without drying. With packages of hair being sourced from Asia at much cheaper rates the extensions are now available at low rates as compared to the pricier hair processed in Europe.

Most of the hair are donated at temples by women as an act of faith and are not even aware that they are contributing to the hair extension industry market.

The increasing number of salons offering hair extensions is also rising hence increasing the demand for the same. The stylist will have the last say on the hair extension to be used by the consumer as the stylists expert view is considered as the most verified source. The first hair extension app is set to arrive in Apple app store which promises high-quality extensions sold directly to the consumers.

The increasing number of cancer surviving patients who lose their hair due to treatment will increase the demand for the hair extension industry.

Hair Extension Market Size & Growth, | Industry Research Report Will be presenting at an event New celebrity client with testimonial Your press release should include more than just text! Make sure to have a few eye-catching photos and even a video.
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Women with thin hair and short hair now have an alternate and can have hairstyles which they never imagined could have. This extra added hair looks healthy for an average of four months before it dries out.

Hair Extension Market Research Report – Forecast to 2023

Human hair was too costly until recently and consumers had to settle for synthetic hair as a substitute. The market remains highly unregulated and consumers are beginning to ask when and how the goods are sourced.

The source of raw materials remains as the main hindrance to the hair extension industry.The report on global hair extension market covers historical trends, current market dynamics, competitive landscape, key players' market share analysis, market valuation based on segmental and regional analysis, country-level break down for all the market segments and supply chain analysis.

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Hair Extension Market is projected to grow with a CAGR of % during the forecast period of to In , the woman hair extension segment generated the highest revenue share of the global hair extension market. Hair extensions are an effective solution that camouflage with the natural hair and project them as healthy, thick and long.

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