Bp amoco case essay

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Bp amoco case essay

Strategic marketing recommendations to BP to recover from Marketing disaster after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill In order to have an academic approach, I have divided this report into two parts, where in part I, I will perform business Macro Environmental analysis and in Part II, I will give my recommendations, based on business and management tools and models.

Importance of Marketing Kotler P. I can say that, constant revision of marketing strategies is essential for a firm to live, while in case of BP, after the tragedy of Gulf of Mexico, which has lead to financial and non-financial losses to BP, it is compulsory to review and update the marketing strategies.

This might include trading policies, lobbying, inter-countries relations, and … that can affect the business. Oil Spill Comission Evidence in our case is the increase of royalty rate to fund stronger government oversight of the offshore drilling, proposed by Barack Obama.

Dlouhy, Due to the importance of the oil spill, Mr Obama toured the oil-hit areas Bp amoco case essay times and assured he would triple the manpower to contain and clean up the spill. BBC, ANALYSE I can argue in here that in major businesses such as oil, which has a very high financial turn over, or there are many health and safety measures or environmental precautions, the political intervention will be higher.

Economical Analysis THEORY Economical factors that might affect a business can be world economy or national economy of the environment where the business is running. Economy is supported fundamentally by its energy industry markets producers IEA, Energy 5 Nahid Mohsen Pour industry markets will face to increasing demand s about 60 percent, with the higher rate in fossil fuels, nuclear and replacement energy industry markets having restricted comparative contribution IEA, Discovering new substitute energy is growing and is replacing a percentage of total energy production.

From 2 percent in towards 6 percent in ANALYSE Critically reviewing the economical environment where BP is active in the USA, we can see that the Bp amoco case essay crunch has not affected the oil industry, especially crude oil production at all, the reason is that the demand in the market is too high.

I also can conclude that the crude oil is not only used as a source of energy but as a raw material for petrochemical industries such as plastic and other products. During this decades refer to the statistic shows People's consuming patterns completely are changed especially in the energy industry market which is notable to a concern over the sustainability of the future.

After the oil spill, many people lost their jobs, or their business declined including tourism, fishing and other industries. In case of BP, as we can see on many sources of information, such as websites and newspapers, we can find out BP has the advantage of having advanced technology in deep water exploration of the oil.

EXAMPLES BP has advanced technology in deep water exploration; they are concentrating on energy efficiency, investing in low carbon future and production of more efficient energies. Referring to the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, we can observe that BP, finally could manage the largest oil disaster in human history.

Guardian News and Media Limited, Another applicable rule that has affected BP is the so called oil pollution act that Judge Carl Barbier, of the federal court of Louisiana has used to force BP in fulfilling its legal obligations. Sometimes the environmental activist can put pressure to the government and make new legislations.

New laws USA government, EU Pollution standards, International Environment Organizations, Change in consumer patterns, consumer behavior, global demands to alternative energy and discovering new energy sources could be considered as macro environmental forces on BP market. BP The company has huge market impact, which gives it notable trading performance in the global energy industry.

BP One of the other strengths of BP is Good performance in International energy industry by the network of its subsidiaries and retail brands such as: Having established different brands, and a very wide distribution network, is one of the KSF1s of BP.

I can argue that one of the very important weaknesses of BP is improper management and safety issues.

Bp amoco case essay

I can recommend to BP, trying convert this weakness into strength, by better management practice. There has been several incidents for BP, including Texas refinery explosion, causing injuries and 17 death, gallons of Methanol ran out in the oil field Prudhoe Baydistribution of Gallons of crude oil In the Alaska tundra and many other similar incidents.

My research shows that one of the most external threats to BP is the pressure of environmental activist and legal pressure that will increase the cost of operation for BP.

Unfortunately, there are many external threats that affect BP, many of them is originated from careless attention of BP, that has caused damages to the environment. I can argue in here that one of the threats for BP has been so far, is less attention to the environment, I can recommend to BP to try to have some sort of emphasis on green products.

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Also as BP has been successful in controlling the oil spill, now it can be considered as strength for BP, and they can have new division for environmental protection. Strategic marketing recommendations to BP to recover from Marketing disaster after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill In this section, I am reviewing the possible ways where BP can develop its market, according to common business and management frameworks.

However, the number of main oil companies who can explore and mine oil fields is very limited. As shown on the following diagram, the major oil companies are: It seems Mexican golf disaster had not effective impact on BP to refinery Crude oil.

Bargaining power of Suppliers The suppliers for BP are countries that have oil reservoirs and oil fields. They usually have a bid for their oil field explorations. I can argue that here the bargaining power of suppliers is too high and they can choose the contractor.

Bargaining power of buyers The buyers or the crude oil, usually purchase in the oil markets, and the market price is determined by the demand.I am Lev the poet inspired in the ocean wilderness 40 days and 40 nights given the prophetic work of art, The Book ov Lev It A Kiss, hand lettered double columns, to perform from.

After BP merged with Amoco in , John Browne started to serve as chief executive until May Browne repositioned BP as a “green” oil company after he took over and practiced the model of organizational decision-making strategy, known as “asset federation.

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The oil industry and climate change: strategies and ethical dilemmas ExxonMobil, TotalFinaElf and BP Amoco. They are referred to, as the ‘fight against emission constraints,’ ‘wait Elf and BP—have merged with competitors in the late s to form ExxonMobil, TotalFinaElf, and BP Amoco.

Essays on BP Social and Environmental Responsibility October 1, Posted by essay-writer in Free essays On analyzing the current position of British Petroleum, it should be said that at the present moment the company occupies one of the leading positions in the world market.

Case Study On British Petroleum.

Bp amoco case essay

Add in library Downloads It has a significant network worldwide which consists of locations branded as ARCO, Aral, Amoco, and BP. They serve customers through a wide range of market sectors.

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