Better safe than sorry

It is good that you are here. His credentials are good. She has a good background.

Better safe than sorry

Warren August 4, at It is about the parents. Anna August 4, at JB August 4, at Outside of an extreme case like that, it is absurd to privilege other forms of being OK above emotional health. SKL August 4, at My 8yo daughters went up together.

While they were in the air, the assistant pulled out a big wooden prop shaped like scissors and said, would you like to take a photo of me pretending to cut the line? My kids had no warning of this and thought for a moment that maybe, just maybe, they were actually being cut loose.

When they came down I asked them about it. They said yeah, it was a little scary, but they dealt with it by discussing how they could save themselves if they were cut loose and drifted down to the water. I have to say I was proud of them for believing in themselves.

My kids went on it for the first time, taking the last seat. Each time she was so scared she scrunched down in her seat.

Allison Hanes: ‘Better safe than sorry’ when it comes to EpiPen use | Montreal Gazette

I said, probably because it gives us the feeling of having taken on a dangerous challenge, without the actual effort and risk of taking on a real challenge. Doug August 4, at If there are never incidents to investigate, one never knows which behaviors were unsafe or led to the unfortunate outcome.

But should I never scuba dive because there is a risk of an air embolism? Kenny Felder August 4, at Even better, who wants to be sorry? The challenge is finding a reasonable balance between risk and independence. How safe is safe enough? How much risk is acceptable?

And the thing is, I think everyone, from the most helicopter-ish to the most free-range, would agree with that much. The differences come one level down from there. So taking your eight-year-old in the car with you to the park properly strapped in, etc is perfectly reasonable, but leaving him unattended on the jungle gym is too risky.

Kidnappings lead to lawsuits and arrests. If that sounds too cynical, offer another explanation for why the same mothers who cheerfully drive their kids around town highly dangerous freak out at the idea of letting them walk down that same street very safe.

John August 4, at 1: When I was a year-old kid back ina woodchuck was loose in our neighborhood and getting into garbage cans and being a basic nuisance.—used to say that it is better to be careful now so that problems do not occur later on.

It's probably not necessary to check the figures again, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Better Safe Than Sorry Alcohol and Unprotected Sex Don't Mix. · March 15 · This is an excerpt from the introduction to my book, "The Silent Epidemic: A Child Psychiatrist's Journey beyond Death Row - Understanding, Treating and Preventing # NDPAE " Now 50% off for Women's History Month.

2 days ago · A new study found fewer than half of patients suffering an allergic reaction injected epinephrine before arriving at the hospital. Chapter Leadership and followership 2.

Better safe than sorry

STUDY. PLAY. That means that if team members trust each other, they have a better change of getting buy-in from employees on the direction of the company. Point 1. and their motto is "better safe than sorry." Effective Followers share four essential qualities: 1.

1. They practice self. Whether than is to be followed by the objective or subjective case of a pronoun is much discussed in usage guides. When, as a conjunction, than introduces a subordinate clause, the case of any pronouns following than is determined by their function in that clause: He is younger than I am.

I like her better than I like him. When than is followed only by a pronoun or pronouns, with no verb. Sep 10,  · Hurricane preparedness: Better to be safe than sorry Posted by Guest Blogger on Sep 10, There’s still quite a bit of time left until the end of November – and current systems in the Atlantic are looking ominous.

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