Antigone literary analysis essay

The contrast between what the audience knows and what the characters know sets up the tension, the dramatic irony. These added events serve to intensify the play. Although the last play in the Oedipus trilogy, Antigone was written first.

Antigone literary analysis essay

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The play is about a great tragedy that occurred in Greek. Antigone defied the odds after realizing his brother was denied a decent burial.


Antigone is defiant and daring. At the beginning of the play, she called out her sister, Ismene, for a meeting at night.

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She had learnt that her two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, had killed each other while fighting for the thrown. Creon had decided to give Eteocles a decent burial accorded to heroes who die in the battle field. Antigone is courageous, stubborn, and stands by her decisions. Burying Polyneices against the wishes of Creon would mean accepting a death sentence.

However, Antigone is not afraid of the threats. This makes her disown her own sister who refuses to help her. To fulfill her mission, Antigone sets to bury her brother at night.

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A sentry finds out about the burial and immediately reports to Creon. Creon seeks to find the culprit and unburies Polyneices posting guards around the body. Being stubborn, Antigone makes another attempt to bury his brother amidst the tight security.

She comes under the cover of a whirlwind to hurriedly bury her brother. Unfortunately, the wind dies before she could finish burial that leads to her capture. After being arraigned before the ruler, she openly admits burying her brother. She does not feel shaken by the death penalty.

Moreover, Antigone argues her case claiming that she did nothing wrong by burying her beloved brother. She is also angered by the statements made by Creon portraying Polyneices as a traitor.

Ismene tried to give false information in a bid to exonerate her sister. Creon ordered temporary imprisonment of the two sisters, and later, the execution of Antigone. Antigone is persistent, brave, and believes in God. Even after receiving the news about her execution, Antigone remained firm on what she knew was right.

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She welcomed the opportunity to die as a chance to meet her departed family members: She warns Creon before leaving for the cave where she hangs herself: She is seen as a person who does not give in to the pressure from the authority.

She believes in her decisions and would do anything to ensure she fulfils them. This makes her standout in the play as a self-righteous person. Her character makes the story enjoyable and intriguing.Antigone is one of the more famous tragedies ever to be written and that's saying a lot.

Sophocles' play has served as a model for countless other playwrights over the years. Antigone is an especially powerful story because of the main female character which is an unusual focus point in that time.

It also talks a bit about whether or not the gods did favor her by making her a hero or disapproved by letting her die. Sophocles' earliest of the three Theban plays is entitled the Antigone. The focus is on the character traits of the main character of the play Antigone with some analysis of Creon's actions towards Antigone.

The play begins with a general introduction the Greek theatre of the time (the fifth and.

Antigone literary analysis essay

Antigone Analysis - literary techniques Essay After hearing the final verdict of Antigone’s grim fate, Haemon calmly confronts his father Creon – giving the impression of being fully devoted and supportive of his father’s will and wisdom - Antigone Analysis - literary techniques Essay introduction.

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francais author research paper expressions ivy league admissions essays xls two transistor forward converter analysis essay. Hamlet dilemma or the generation gap essay. Character Analysis of Antigone Antigone is an award winning play by Sophocles, one of the three best Greek dramatists of all rutadeltambor.comne is a mythical princess of Thebes.

She is the product of the accidental incestuous marriage between King Oedipus and Jocasta, whom is Oedipus’ mother as well.

SparkNotes: Antigone: How to Write Literary Analysis