An introduction to the scarlett pimpernells relationship towards the french revolution

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An introduction to the scarlett pimpernells relationship towards the french revolution

While at Verdant with Allison and Thea, Armand witnesses some behaviour he finds deplorable and takes steps to rectify the situation.

He had to admit, it was rather nice now that he had made a definite romantic overture towards Allison. He had not been entirely sure she would reciprocate, but since she had, the time they had gotten to spend together had been quite nice, especially as most of it had been spent quite close as she had taught him more of the intricacies in how modern dancing was supposed to go.

He still was not overly fond of the music, but he supposed it was less grating than it had been when the company was as exquisite as it was. Verdant was not a bad place to spend time at.

Martin had recommended it, being on friendly terms with the owner, and it turned out Allison had known her as well. As that was where the dance was going to be held he felt it was not a bad place to go to get used to things.

He enjoyed the place quite a bit, to be honest, and would not mind bringing Allison there more often, if she wanted to go there.

As their song ended she gave him a wide smile and took his hand, pulling him towards the bar and over towards the owner, a very interesting woman near his own age named Thea. She gave them a smile as they got settled.

And no one had to feel pressured into having sex with their date or anything. Raise some money for them. Armand turned and saw a man looking a bit red in the face yelling at a woman in a black dress, who looked as though she was about to cry. Thea shook her head. Let me go get a bouncer. Thea raised an eyebrow.

An introduction to the scarlett pimpernells relationship towards the french revolution

Which, if you know anything about the French aristocracy at the time, meant it was an incredible pain to maneuver in the dress and accouterments.

In this attire, I shall be fine. He quickly moved over to the couple and then tapped the man on the shoulder. The man looked Armand up and down, and then hauled back a fist to hit Armand. Then he turned to the woman. She shook her head again. Does this cretin know where you live?

Well, I suppose was. Do you wish for him to speak to you again? I hope he rots in hell. Please, go to my friends to be taken care of. I can if I so choose. I have stood against far worse than you. Now, I will let you go.

And if you consider retaliating against me, just know I have protection that you cannot fathom in your wildest dream.

Our Purpose

You will pay, and dearly, and that protection now extends to the young woman you harassed. Leave this establishment and do not come back. You are no longer welcome here. Thea looked at him, admiration all over her face. Allison came over to Armand and then hugged him.

He picked up his drink and motioned for them to move towards a quieter area of the club.

A Chivalrous Gentleman To The Rescue

He had done a good deed today, and perhaps if he and Allison got a new friend out of it then that would be so much the better.

Series this work belongs to:I have always associated the French revolution and the guillotine with Paris, and never thought about the rest of the country. I suppose I always assumed that in the rest of the country people were going about their daily lives as normal, but it seems this was not so, .

Much as the post-war French establishment loathed the communists and radicals, they had played a large part in saving France, while much of the upper class had collaborated. French Humanism, as an ideal, lived on in the ‘socialist humanism’ espoused by the .

LibriVox recording of The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy. Written by Baroness Orczy and first published in , The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel is a sequel book to the classic adventure tale, The Scarlet Pimpernel.

It almost seemed, when the young man said these words, as if he threw a defiant look towards the quiet strangers in the corner. "Thanks to you, my lord, and to your friends, so . In this historical adventure set during the French Revolution, the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel sets out to rescue men, women and children facing the horrors of the guillotine, while evading the relentless pursuit of his arch enemy, Chauvelin.

An introduction to the scarlett pimpernells relationship towards the french revolution

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