A drastic measure to overhaul the us educational system

Is Verwoerd to blame? Destructive intervention or part reform? As the crisis of education in black schools has worsened, or rather become more evident, so the tendency to "Blame Verwoerd" has intensified. It was Verwoerd who made the subjects difficult because he thought blacks would be a threat to him'.

A drastic measure to overhaul the us educational system

This is one historic event after 30 years wherein both parties will discuss the current problems of our nation and the root causes of those problems. We have waited so long to witness a great event like this and we are hopeful as a people that key aspects especially those concerning economic, social and political reforms will be discussed at length and that unities will be reached for the benefit of the majority.

An educated people is one of the keys to the pursuit of genuine peace. Peace is not just the absence of armed conflict. We should understand hand-in-hand with the panel members why there is armed conflict in the first place. Liling Briones, the current Secretary of Education.

Back in July,newly appointed Secretary Briones announced that she is ready to take on the challenges in DepEd to wit: Armin Luistro has done for DepEd with all the stakeholders.

Our organization, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers ACT reviewed her pronouncements regarding the character, directions and programs of DepEd for the next six years, and our verdict: The long-term solution for quality education is for the government to overhaul the education system and invest more in the education sector, not to simply add two years.

Teaching and non-teaching personnel have lobbied Education Secretary Leonor Briones to hear them out first before deciding to continue the K to 12 program. She claimed she is a consultative leader but did otherwise. Our basis for opposing K to 12 fell on deaf ears and spelled out eventually her brand of education program for the next six years.

For the first hundred days of the Duterte administration, the education sector sees the following strategies as concretization of the neo-liberal policies on education of DepEd under the leadership of Sec. She is committed to further expand this education intervention during her term at regional, national, and international levels.

During the war, then three-year-old Briones witnessed efforts from groups and even families who went the extra mile to gather children and teach them how to read and write.

A drastic measure to overhaul the us educational system

But of course, we know better than this. Education must be viewed as a critical component of genuine development and that the state has the principal responsibility to make it accessible, free, democratic and liberating as well for the Filipino people.

Good intentions but what about the realities on the ground? Simply put, the IP communities must follow their rules.

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Instead of recognizing and supporting the existing initiatives of the IP communities, they subjected these schools to rigid regulations which will lead to closures of schools. Besides they still have to rescind DepEd Memorandum that have wrought havoc and injustices to our Lumad brothers and sisters.

The report shows that the Philippines is one of the countries, out ofwhich are lagging behind in the basic education goals for — the target set by world leaders, spearheaded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO.

But with the current trend, the world is 50 years late in meeting its education targets and still DepEd will implement the following to catch-up with the widening gap: Innovative Financing One financing innovation at the national level is the Public-Private Partnership PPPwhich allows for the fast-tracking of classroom construction and delivery while enabling the public sector to focus on delivering other critical functions and services.

The aim is to democratize and improve access to education, and reduce class size in public high schools because according to DepEd, it is much cheaper than building more schools and maintaining those schools in the long run. Another innovative government program that gives stakeholders the opportunity to become proactive partners in education is the Adopt-a-School Program.

It is a fund mobilization method based on the concept of matching grant involving the private sector and non-government organizations NGOs.

The costs on human resources, materials, and facilities acquisition and development are shifted to various stakeholders who have a natural interest in the promotion of basic education. The Department also engages the personal participation of education partners through Brigada Eskwela, wherein an army of volunteers assemble to repair and prepare classrooms in time for the opening of classes.

The venture provides private partners the chance to contribute resources, while local government units LGUs and community members provide workforce and volunteer services during the week-long activity. Our counterpoint is that the government should instead plan and build more schools to accommodate more children in every barangay for free education at all levels.

In real terms, her so called room for opportunities in innovative financing strategies favors the private sector especially through PPPs. Complementarity of public and private institutions In the next six years, Sec.

But then she is contradicting herself by rationalizing the move but critically missed the point.


With 4, private schools offering SHS, compared to non-DepEd public schools, it is not surprising that there are more enrollees in private schools, thus needing higher budget for the voucher program.

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President Peña Nieto signed into law on Monday a drastic overhaul of Mexico’s education system. The reform bill, which seeks to promote educational quality and recover government control of schools, was opposed by the country’s more than 1 million strong teachers union.

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