A cigarette a day keeps the

We jammed firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices up every crevice and hole of this scrumptious boy named Peter something or other and lit him up. Jesus that was fun! My living the good life depended on me killing sweet innocent boys. It was funny in a way.

A cigarette a day keeps the

They had deep pockets and could afford to gamble on a new advertising medium, footing the bill for a host of early classic television programs. Ironically, in just a few short decades, they were cast away from the medium they helped create. Almost every television show from the forties through the early-sixties had a primary sponsor each week.

A cigarette a day keeps the

To compensate for the relatively low audience numbers TV offered, stars were expected to be seen personally using or endorsing the sponsor's products. As television expanded its reach and proved more effective as a marketing tool, advertisers lined up to buy spots and main sponsor's were no longer required or desired; not having one big sponsor meant less interference in the content of the program.

Here are a few examples of how smokes were sold using television personalities and cartoon characters. Topper was a sitcom that featured the aristocratic Cosmo Topper Leo G. What else would they be doing with their time off together but smoking?

Cosmo really gets into it, he's simply mad about his Camels, "They're mild, the way I like mildness. And they have flavor, the way I like flavor! Carroll 'looked more like he was smoking crack' in the Camel commercial.

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Did you also notice on the credits that the co-writer of that particular episode was Stephen Sondheim? This could explain the look on Carroll's face.

Now, that's an industry with a heart. Smoke up boys, doctor's orders! I Love Lucy was also sponsored by a cigarette maker for a while, Phillip Morris, who promised their customers, "Smoke for pleasure today.

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No cigarette hangover tomorrow! In this advertisement, Desi asks for a cigarette and Lucy happily fetches the Phillip Morris - "You see how easy it is to keep your man happy?

You also get to see what the closing to the show really looked like, the heart image we're used to seeing on reruns was created in the late-fifties for the syndication package.

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One of TV's first stars was the Old Gold dancing cigarette pack of the early s, a truly bizarre advertising concoction - an oversized cigarette pack with lovely legs that danced aimlessly around in front of a curtain while the announcer promised a taste, "made by tobacco men, not medicine men.

Jeanne Snow tells us about being a dancing cigarette pack: Harry Salter was the conductor, Jimmy Nygren the choreographer. Grammar teachers and language purists cried foul so Winston answered with a new slogan - "What do you want, good grammar or good taste? John Wayne appeared for Camel inspeaking highly of the product:मेरी मोहब्बत # की हद ना तय कर पाओगे तुम, तुम्हें साँसों से भी ज्यादा मोहब्बत # करते है हम.

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Amanda Plays for Keeps. As I pulled onto the ramp the SUV's headlights swept across a boy standing by the road. With his thumb stuck out. He was shivering and looking miserable.

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