12 ways to relax your muscles

Rest Have you ever felt an involuntary tightness, hardness, or bulging in a muscle? This type of cramping can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons and in many areas of your body. Spasms are common in the abdomen, arms, hands, and feet.

12 ways to relax your muscles

When I first began to workout, the biggest criticism I got was that I always felt tense, even long after I had worked out. However, I am no robot. Neither should you be. Variety is a good thing, and too much of any one thing can be bad for you. You should never do anything full-time ALL of the time!

But these are what I consider the best ways to relax. Now, this is no ordinary run of the mill type of massage as you can see from the title. And that is the key trigger for true relaxation in this scenario. I mean… the massage itself is good. It really does make that journey back home a relaxing one.

All you need is a chin up bar. You simply lift both legs over the bar one at a time and let yourself hang from your knees. Sure, you might look a bit loopy to your fellow gym goers, but forget about what they think. You need to be relaxing those muscles.

If the gym staff start thinking you are loopy, then take it outside and find an outside chin up bar. Make sure you only hang for 1 minute. Any longer and you really could develop some mental health issues. In fact, I try to provide uber amounts of value any time that I put finger to keyboard.

Because a routine without a plan will make you fail in the long run. Say, several times a year. That takes about weeks. The one week break is needed so that your body can fully recover.

Go on a holiday and take part in the other 5 activities listed here. The goal is to live a fun and great bodybuilding lifestyle.

However, I know that most of you will either have a shower at the gym or just head straight back home to shower. Those will be the only options for many of you, as only the good gyms have proper saunas and steam rooms.

However, you might want to think twice about completely ruling out the idea.Following are 12 ways to relax your muscles after a workout.

12 ways to relax your muscles

1. Breathing This technique is best performed during the cool down or stretching component of your workout, or before you go to bed at night. Focus on controlling your breathing; take slow, deep breaths on a second count, in and out.

As you exhale, imagine all the tension .

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12 Ways to Calm Your Anxiety. A hot bath with Epsom salts is great for relaxing your muscles, which can also help relax your mind. 3 Natural Ways to Calm Your Child’s Anxiety. 12 Ways to Relax Your Muscles PM Bodybuilding Tips, Bodybuilding training, Build Muscle This probably happens to you often: You just finished doing your work out and you're really feeling the tightness in your muscles.

Meditation is the number one way to relieve stress and relax your muscles!

12 ways to relax your muscles

You can meditate before you go to bed to ensure that your . Home» Your Health» Men's Health News» 8 Ways to Relax Your Muscles Naturally. 8 Ways to Relax Your Muscles Naturally Awaken to These 12 Reasons You're Suffering From Insomnia.


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Reducing your sleep time slows down your recovery rate, and it increases the amount of stress in your body, which causes your muscles to tense up. You should be sleeping at least 7 hours every day, and if you have the time, include a .

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